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Friday, October 27, 2017

Over 1 million pages in the Colorado Historic Newspaper Collection
Genealogists should be aware that ongoing state-level digital newspaper projects are constantly continuing to add more free digital newspaper pages. This notice from the Colorado Virtual Library announces that they have digitized a million pages. Here is a quote from the announcement that was published over a month ago.
Growth of Database Causes Great Excitement. New Titles Added – More Counties Represented. 
DENVER COLORADO. August 13, 2017 — Although careful planning and hard work have brought them to this place, the Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection (CHNC) Team rejoiced as they added the one millionth digitized page of historic Colorado newspaper content to their free online database. The Team – lead by Leigh Jeremias, and enlisting the manpower of digitization specialists spanning three continents, reached this mammoth milestone in the service’s 14th year of existence – and have never been prouder. 
The auspicious millionth page came from the Montrose Daily Press, Volume XII, Number 247, April 21, 1921, which is part of a digitization project supported by Montrose Regional Library District
In the past two years, the database has grown by over 350,000 pages of digitized newspapers, thanks to the efforts of our partner organizations – the archives, libraries, museums, historical societies, genealogical societies, and private individuals within the state. They have provided the funding to digitize the microfilm or hard copy newspapers near and dear to their hearts, thus helping to preserve the unique voice of their local communities. Without their efforts, we could never have achieved this outstanding result.
Here is a screenshot of the Historic Newspapers Collection from Colorado.
Like some of the larger collections, such as from the National Library of Australia, the Colorado collection lets users correct the text of the OCR scanned text. Unfortunately, many of the large online genealogy websites do not seem to include their millions of users in the process of correcting their text and indexed entries.

You should be aware that all fifty states in the United States have digital newspaper collections. I did a list some time ago, that is now somewhat out-of-date, but still useful. See "Online Digital Newspaper Collections by State -- The Lists by State."

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  1. Thank you for this update on the Colorado Historic Newspaper Collection. I want to thank you even more for your link back to your previous post of digital newspaper collections by state. What a bonanza of information. The small town paper archive is a special treat. Newspapers are such a rich source of information--which I am wallowing in this evening. Thank you!