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Monday, November 12, 2018

Looking Forward to RootsTech 2019

Looking forward to #RootsTech 2019, I have heard that hotel accommodations are at a premium close to the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City, Utah but there are a lot of options. Many of the local hotels run shuttle services between the hotel and places in Salt Lake City. One we have used many times is the Chrystal Inn Hotel and Suites on 230 W 500 S. but you can also look at the local TRAX line. The TRAX stops right across the street from the Salt Palace. Here are a map and link to the TRAX.
The TRAX line is free in the downtown area, but there is a reasonable charge from the airport and other locations in the Salt Lake Valley. It also connects to the FrontRunner, the train that runs from Provo to Ogden and stops at locations in Salt Lake City.

There is also a somewhat new feature on Google. You can search for a specific business or attraction anyplace and get a long list. For example, if you search for hotels in Salt Lake City, Utah you get a list like this:

By expanding the view, you can see the entire list and filter the results by free parking, WiFi, breakfast and other choices.

From my extensive experience in traveling around the country, I know that the price they put on the ad may not be available for the time and date you need, but the price in Google gives you an indication of what you might have to pay but be prepared to pay more.  By matching the TRAX map to the hotels, you can see which ones would be convenient to travel to the Salt Palace. If the hotel looks like it is within walking distance of the Salt Palace, you need to remember that Salt Lake City blocks are really long and the city is at a high altitude. Remember to ask if they have a shuttle and how long it is available.

We usually stay with family right in the Valley and then drive the short trip to downtown each day, but we have commuted from Provo and that works. You just need to be aware of the schedules for each of the lines. Salt Lake City has a fairly good public transportation system, but it also winter and it might be bad weather.

There are hundreds of places to eat in downtown Salt Lake City. You can use Google to locate ones within walking distance of the Salt Palace.

Parking downtown is really limited and expensive if you aren't used to paying for parking. I can say from experience that it is a lot less expensive and more available than Washington, D.C. or Annapolis, Maryland.

As I have written in the past, the Salt Palace involves a lot of walking. You should wear very comfortable shoes and forget fashion. I went out an bought a pair after my first RootsTech experience.

The weather can be very nice but cold or very bad and very cold so plan accordingly. Snow is possible almost any day in February.

I hope to see as many of you as possible, look for me mostly at The Family History Guide booth.

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