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Sunday, March 10, 2019

Sons and Daughters of the United States Middle Passage
It was my great privilege to talk to representatives of the Sons and Daughters of the United States Middle Passage, Quoting from their website:
Sons and Daughters of the United States Middle Passage (SDUSMP) is a lineage society dedicated to the memory of our freed and enslaved ancestors and to the education and historic preservation of the artifacts and landmarks of slavery in the United States of America and its economic, psychological, and cultural impact on today’s society. Lest we forget.  SDUSMP is a non-profit, charitable 501(c)3 organization. 
The website also answers the question about what is the "middle passage." Here is the answer.
The Middle Passage was the stage of the triangular trade in which millions of people from Africa were shipped to the New World as part of the Atlantic slave trade. “The triangular trade system was so named because of the route it took.  The ships embarked from European ports, and stopped in Africa to gather captives.  After this, they set out for the “New World” (North America, South America, and the Caribbean) to deliver their kidnapped victims, and then returned to the point of origin. The transport conditions were horrendous and millions of enslaved people died on these voyages. 
Membership in the National Society is open to those eighteen years or older who are of African descent and can direct lineal descent from a man, woman, or child who was forced into slavery in the United States of America. See Membership for more information. 

Although I cannot qualify as a member, I am anxious to promote and help in any way I can. After my experience in Annapolis digitizing probate records beginning in 1764, I have seen thousands of pages of estate inventories that list Black enslaved people along with household goods and livestock as assets of the estates. That experience had a profound effect on me.

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