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Thursday, March 19, 2020

Social Distancing and The Family History Guide

We have heard a lot lately about social distancing. Over the past two weeks, my very busy calendar became completely empty. However, I realized that I was already pretty well socially distant and the only real adjustments I had to make was in filling up the empty spots with choices from the huge list of "projects" that I had been postponing. One thing I have been doing all along is working on The Family History Guide website. This era of social distancing freed up more time to spend on the website as well as initiating clean up projects and other usually non-essential activities.

One thing that I try to do and will do more of is to take time to learn. One way I do that is to choose blog post topics that require research. I suggest that you take a close look at all the information and activities in The Family History Guide. I don't consider this time of social distancing to be a vacation. It is really an opportunity to do a lot of things that were falling through the cracks while I was so busy with classes and presentations. For example, we have been spending about 12 to 20 hours a week involved with the BYU Family History Library. Now that the library is closed indefinitely, we have almost two full days of time just from that one commitment.

As you look through The Family History Guide, you will find a lot of suggestions that will suggest activities that will involve you more in genealogy. You will likely see a lot more writing coming from me as time goes on. If you have any topics you would like me to cover, let me know by email, comments on the blogs, Facebook, or whatever. You can always call me on the phone and talk. (How retro!)


  1. I find the same thing. I can now get to things that I have not been able to in the past. I'm even getting around to cleaning up all the bins of stuff from our Roots tech booth. My wife is ecstatic!

  2. When our temple shift coordinator emailed all the workers to update the length of our temple closure, I used the reply-all function to challenge everyone on the shift to continue temple work in the same spirit as home church. The Family History Guide was one of the links I suggested for increasing our capacity and skill in doing "temple" work. Thanks, James and all the others who provide us with this resource. Keep up the good work!