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Monday, March 30, 2020

The Family History Guide and Goldie May: A New Partnership

Here is a quote from The Family History Guide blog post entitled, "A New Partnership: The Family History Guide and Goldie May."
Last week we featured an article written by James Tanner about the new Goldie May research assistant. It’s a powerful and user-friendly Chrome extension that helps you track your research progress on FamilySearch. This week we are excited to announce that Goldie May has been selected as an Authorized Training Partner for The Family History Guide Association. 
What This Means 
Here’s a summary of important points for the partnership between Goldie May and The Family History Guide Association:
  • The Goldie May website now has our logo in the lower-left corner, next to the FamilySearch logo.
  • The Goldie May extension provides links to The Family History Guide, including the page for the United States Census, U.S. county links, etc.
  • The Family History Guide now has a link to a Goldie May “About” page in the FamilySearch menu, just below “Knowledgebase”.
  • The Family History Guide also includes links to Goldie May in its Topics and Site Map pages.
  • In the future, A Goal with Choices and Steps will be added to the About page, providing more detailed instruction on using Goldie May.
We think you’ll love the new Goldie May extension and what it can do for your family history research. Stay tuned for great new additions!
Here is a link to an extensive explanation about the new app from The Family Locket blog post entitled, "How to Research Like a Pro with Goldie May."

Here is a screenshot of the menu item linking to the Goldie May app on The Family History Guide website.

Stay tuned for all the new additions to The Family History Guide that are on the way.

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