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Sunday, March 29, 2020

Updated MacOS Version of Ancestral Quest now available

Some of the genealogy programs that were put out of commission by Apple's upgrade of the macOS Catalina operating system and dropping support for 32-bit programs are now starting to return. Incline Software's Ancestral Quest is back in operation on Apple computers running the Catalina operating system with the latest revisions. I was asked to run a BETA test but before I could do more than load the program, the final version was released.

One thing that was evident immediately is that running on my iMac in 64-bit operation the program is blindingly fast. I have never seen a genealogy program run so fast ever. I am sure that the speed is due to the program and my particular computer but I am also sure that you will see some increase in the speed if your computer supports a 64-bit environment.

Here is a screenshot of Incline Software's website.
Version 16 has been out for some time but includes some upgraded functions not previously available such as a Descendancy View.

Here is a link to a list of all the advanced features:

One of the features I think is very helpful and would be useful in any program is the program's advanced syncing feature with FamilySearch. Here is the explanation from the website:
FamilySearch Advanced Syncing - Premium Feature*
As you sync data (both individuals, families, and specific events/facts), some screens have been redesigned to be more intuitive.
When exchanging events/facts between your file and FamilySearch, you'll notice the “Advanced Options” button (with a small down-arrow) next to the main checkmark. This Advanced Options button allows you to transfer just the date or just the place for an event. You will also have the option of editing the name of the place before transferring it.
*Premium Features are those which require the purchase of an Ancestral Quest 16 Registration Key. The other AQ 16 features listed above are ‘free’ within Ancestral Quest Basics and do not require a purchase.

Ancestral Quest has always been a serious contender in the genealogy software world. 

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