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Monday, August 3, 2020

Free Individual Genealogical Training and Support

The Brigham Young University Family History Library has been closed to patrons since March 2020 because of the pandemic. However, we still have over 140 volunteer missionaries that are trained and willing to provide online help to potential patrons from around the world. During the past few weeks, the Library staff has been organizing a pool of missionaries to provide online help. 

If you have a question or need some assistance with your genealogical research, you can contact the Library during its normal hours of operation and you will be referred to one of the missionaries who will then contact you to set up a convenient way to communicate. We can support Zoom meetings and many other venues. You will need to provide contact information such as an email address that you actually look at, a phone number to call, or some other method of contact. 

We have a huge reservoir of experience and support. Please consider using this great opportunity to have the help and support that you need free of any charge or obligation. 

Also, remember that the BYU Family History Library has an active YouTube Channel with new instructional videos being posted weekly. We are also offering free Sunday webinars every Sunday. Here are all the links to the Library. Look at these links for more information and schedules

The main website and phone number 801-422-6200

Library contact information

Link to the free classes and webinars

Library missionary coordinators

YouTube Channel for almost 500 videos


  1. Would this be a resource for me looking for help in one of my families from the mid 1700 which I have worked on but am at a dead end?


    1. Most certainly, yes. Of course, we need to know a lot more than just the date. But perhaps you need to know that many lines end in the mid to early 1700s.

    2. Thanks I have sent a request for help. Yes I am aware that this time frame can be very difficult.

  2. Thank you for posting this information!! - This is wonderful that assistance is available, with the library closed and the nasty virus happening. Stay Safe, GJ