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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Genealogical software connections to New FamilySearch

The list of programs utilizing the FamilySearch Affiliates and Product Certification Program continues to expand with new products and announcements by existing developers. Here is the most recent list quoted from the announcement site apparently in alphabetical order: (See my brief comments at the bottom of the list).

All My Cousins (Web)
Access, Ordinance Status
Use to quickly view your relatives from New FamilySearch. See a summary of which relatives need ordinance work and jump to New FamilySearch to combine duplicates or reserve temple work. In just a few minutes you can submit and reserve temple work for one of your relatives.

Ancestral Quest (Win)
Access, Helper, Ordinance Reservation, Ordinance Request, Multi-Language, PAF
Add-in, Print, Sync, Update
Ancestral Quest is an easy-to-use, full-featured family tree program. The Windows versions of PAF were created from an earlier version of AQ, so PAF users will feel right at home using the screens, reports, and other functions. PAF users can upgrade to AQ or continue to use PAF, supplementing it using the new features in AQ, including the ability to synchronize both AQ and PAF data with new FamilySearch.

AppleTree (Web)
AppleTree is the big family tree we all belong to. Smoothly zoom and view the global visualization of the entire tree all at once on your browser. This is a Wikipedia-like approach to solving the master genealogical puzzle. The service is free and users are highly encouraged to upload all high-resolution photos, videos, audio and documents associated with people, events and places in order to preserve our history and memories.

Charting Companion (Win)
Access, Print
View, customize, print and publish your family history. Choose from an incredible variety of formats and more than 16-million color options. Browse through generations of New FamilySearch using the onscreen tree views. You can customize your charts: choose the number of generations, the events to include, the content of your box charts, date format, photos, etc. Save charts in a range of file types for sharing and printing.

FamilyInsight (Win)
Access, Helper, Ordinance Reservation, Ordinance Request, Multi-Language, PAF Add-in, Sync, Update
Designed specifically to help PAF users synchronize with the new FamilySearch website. It ranks matches and highlights differences so you can quickly import or export data and get right back to your research in PAF. Also gives you the ability to merge, cleanup, and compare files with increased accuracy. Received 2 FamilySearch Software Awards for its Place Editor and Person Separator.

FamilyInsight (Mac)
Access, Helper, Ordinance Reservation, Ordinance Request, Multi-Language, Sync, Update
(see above description)

Generation Maps (Web)
Access, Print Service
Generation Maps is a comprehensive genealogy chart printing service. Choose from inexpensive working charts that assist your research, or decorative charts suitable for framing with online approval. Generation Maps will individually handcraft your chart from information in FamilySearch or your personal genealogy/photo files. Quality and attention to detail is in each Generation Map chart. And it’s easy—just pick out your chart, and it arrives on your doorstep!

Get My Ancestors (Win/Mac)
Access, Multi-Language
Sprout your family tree with this FREE downloadable program from the makers of PAF Insight and FamilyInsight. Get My Ancestors will help you download a few generations of family records from the website and save them as a PAF File. It is a quick and easy way to get started on the search for your ancestors.

Grow Branch (Web)
Access, Update
USFamilyTree's "Grow Branch" is the only Familysearch certified software which focuses on researching USA relatives for the Temple. Grow Branch in combination with USFamilyTree's Best Branch service is the most cost effective US Temple research application available for a consistent, affordable supply of Family Names for Temple. Learn more at

LiveRoots (Web)
Research Wiki Access
A specialized search experience for genealogists.

MagiKey Family Tree (Win)
Access, Ordinance Status
MagiKey Family Tree is a GEDCOM based software that helps users: organize family history, analyze researched data, and publish customized book-like searchable web pages. It is designed to access NewFamilySearch from within the program; prepare temple work and merge information without losing the format integrity. Advanced features include: US census tracking, relationship calculator, task suggestions, find anomalies, and place normalization. MagiKey: Made by Genealogists for Genealogists.

Ordinance Tracker (Win/Mac)
Access, Ordinance Status, Ordinance Request
Ordinance Tracker is the easiest way to work with your reserved ordinances. Find baptisms for the youth to do, or just one ordinance for your own temple trip. Just drag and drop each card to the Family Ordinance Request. Then print it or save it as a .pdf file to email to your aunt. No time? Easily assign some ordinances to the temple. Take them back from the temple just as easily. Whether you work directly with FamilySearch or use a desktop genealogy program, Ordinance Tracker is for you.

RootsMagic 4 (Win)
Access, Helper, Ordinance Reservation, Ordinance Request, Print, Sync, Update
Winner of the FamilySearch award for "Easiest to Sync", RootsMagic 4 genealogy software makes working with new FamilySearch a breeze, including reserving ordinances and creating temple trips. Import directly from PAF and other programs and take advantage of other features like running RootsMagic directly from a USB drive, SourceWizard, integrated web search, creating Shareable CDs, and much more.

I usually try to buy all of the genealogy programs, but with so many new entries into the field, that project has fallen by the wayside. Both FamilyInsight and RootsMagic 4 have new updates. Ohana Software's Ordinance Tracker appears to be a very interesting implementation of the interface with New FamilySearch.

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