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Monday, October 12, 2009

RootsMagic 4 has new update (

Bruce Buzbee of RootsMagic on October 12, 2009, announced an update to the popular RootsMagic 4 program. Quoting from the RootsMagic Bolg, the new, fixed and updated items are:


- Added blank reports (pedigree chart, group sheet, cemetery record log, correspondence log, research log)
- Added Print button to the Count Trees screen
- Added Print button to the Relationship Calculator screen
- Added option to display birth year in side list index
- Added option to display record number in side list index
- Marriage list report can now print marriage rec# with any sort order (as an option)
- Any events which don’t fit on a printed calendar print on an overflow page at the end of the calendar
- Double clicking a fact in RM Explorer now opens the edit screen to that fact in edit mode
- Added “Edit Family” button to problem list
- Added RootsMagic Launcher to manually start RM on flash drive since Vista now disables autorun on removable drives
- Installer will warn if you try to install on a removable drive (use RM to go instead)
- Added Oquirrh Mountain temple to LDS temple list


- Direct line children in ancestor narrative now show spouse / marriage information
- Doing “Add multiple people” when sharing a fact now assigns a default role (which can be changed for each person)
- When deleting a shared fact, RM will warn you that it will delete the fact for everyone sharing it
- Named groups side list is now updated when you change color coding for a person
- Alternate names in family group sheets now reference the correct sources
- Family sources are now printed on group sheets
- Sources now print in group sheets for LDS facts
- Replacing a “submitted” ordinance with the actual ordinance in the NFS sync screen now clears “submitted” in the RM fact
- Unlinked non-image media items now show broken link in media gallery and media albums
- Fixed the format that latitude and longitude are exported to GEDCOM
- Lat/Long and Media for place details are transferred via GEDCOM
- Mapping screen (Tools > Mapping) remembers size and position
- Fact types turned off for individual summaries aren’t printed in the summaries anymore
- The title of a text page in publisher appears in the table of contents (instead of “Text page”)
- [Husband] and [Wife] fields now work properly in narrative report sentence templates
- :Age and :Role modifiers now work for [ThisPerson] in witness sentence templates
- Helper status bar now shows on File > FamilySearch > FamilySearch Import when in helper mode
- Living flag is cleared during FO import if person has a death-like fact or over 105 years old
- Publisher can print blank pages that appear at the very front of a publisher book
- Todo report doesn’t print false repository when todo item doesn’t have a repository
- RootsMagic on flash drive (To-Go) can find place database on computers w/o RM installed
- Deleting places and place details removes media links to those items

In a recent online survey conducted by Dick Eastman, RootsMagic 4 appeared in the top five of users surveyed favorite genealogy programs. See reference in Randy Seaver's Best of the Genea-Blogs for October 4 through 10, 2009.

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