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Monday, October 5, 2009

Parade of States -- online digital genealogy resources -- Wisconsin

Image from Wisconsin Public Land Survey Records
I had very little contact with Wisconsin until two of my children moved there for school. As I found out, Wisconsin is in the forefront of almost everything academic and its genealogical resources are no exception. Wisconsin has one of the most extensive collections of online materials of any state.

Here are a few samples:

  • Dictionary of Wisconsin History The Wisconsin Historical Society explains more than 8000 terms, including people, places, things and events, used in writings about Wisconsin history.

  • Digital Collections The Digital Collections at the UWM Libraries include over 41,000 photographic images, maps, and books drawn from the collections of the American Geographical Society Library, the Archives, Special Collections, and the Curriculum Library.

  • The State of Wisconsin Collection The collection includes published material as well as archival materials. The materials were digitized from a variety of formats including books, manuscripts, sound recordings, photographs, maps and other resources deemed important to the study and teaching of the State of Wisconsin.

  • University of Wisconsin Digital Collections Quoting the Website, "Resources within the collections are free and publicly accessible online. They are loosely organized into collections that span a range of subjects including art, ecology, literature, history, music, natural resources, science, social sciences, the State of Wisconsin, and the University of Wisconsin. Digital resources include text-based materials such as books, journal series, and manuscript collections; photographic images; slides; maps; prints; posters; audio; and video."

  • Wisconsin Electronic Reader A cooperative digital imaging project of the University of Wisconsin - Madison General Library System and the State Historical Society of Wisconsin.

  • Wisconsin Genealogical Index Search for pre-1907 Vital Records (VR), including birth, death, and marriage records as well as for 150,000 Wisconsin Name Index (WNI) records, including biographical sketches, obituaries, and newspaper articles published before 2000.

  • Wisconsin Pioneer Experience The Wisconsin Pioneer Experience is a digital collection of diaries, letters, reminiscences, speeches and other writings of people who settled and built Wisconsin during the 19th century.

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