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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Help with FamilySearch Research Wiki

In a letter sent out to all Family History Consultants and Center Directors, FamilySearch made the following invitation, quoting from the letter:
The FamilySearch Research Wiki is a collaborative Web site where individuals can find answers to family history research questions and share personal knowledge with others. As individuals contribute their knowledge to the Wiki, it becomes more and more valuable as a research tool. In order to achieve its potential, the Wiki currently needs more information about local communities.

Each of you knows something about the local community in which you live. You know about the cemeteries, the schools, the newspapers, the libraries and archives, and some of the history about your community. Individuals who live in other areas are looking for the very information you have about your community. That information may enable them to find an ancestor, tie him or her into their family pedigree, and provide needed temple ordinances.

Please help us enhance the FamilySearch Research Wiki by completing one simple task. Use the attached job aid containing illustrated, step-by-step instructions to add information about the cemeteries in your local community to the Wiki. Please be sure to include the name and location of the cemetery and information about how to contact the cemetery for details about those buried there.

Thank you for your service. Your contribution will bless the lives of those searching for their ancestors who lived in your local community.


The letter came with the two pages of instructions shown at the beginning of this post. Although the letter is directed to Family History Consultants and Center Directors, the FamilySearch Research Wiki is open to anyone who would like to contribute. The site already has a significant amount of information and links to useful sites.

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