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Sunday, April 3, 2011

How a Computer Virus Attack Works

My son wrote a post on his Blog, Quantumleap42, that needs more exposure than just the physics guys. It is called "What does a computer virus look like?" He attached the following short video, but you should also read his commentary. It is a very good explanation of one way your computer might become infected with a virus. Here is the video:

If you are reading this post, you need to know about computer viruses.

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  1. Personal computers in the present times are very much prone to various virus attacks.
    It could be in the form of mild or very destructive attack causing it to malfunction or could crash your computer’s system and leave your PC useless afterwards. To fix the problem, installing anti-virus protection program to computers and reformatting the disk of your computer is the best solution to totally eliminate the culprit.