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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Welcome to the Genealogy Grand Prix

Announcer:  We would like to welcome all you folks out there to today's tenth running of the Genealogy Grand Prix. We are sitting here in the press box in beautiful downtown Dolan Springs, Arizona home of the Grand Prix. This has been an exciting day, watching the contestants come from all over the world to try to win the coveted Johannesen Cup. The Cup has been on display for the past week, at the Circle K out on the highway. We are proud to welcome our first Grand Prix Official Bloggers, this year they have come from as far away as Kingman to attend this prestigious event.

Commentator: Yes, Bob, this is truly an impressive sight. This tenth year we have contestants from all over world who come to compete. We believe that the Chinese team will have the best chance at taking the cup this year, their records are really impressive going back almost a thousand years, but there is the outside chance they could be beaten by the team from England, we understand they have linked Aake Akselinpoika, Lord of Göksholm, baron of Iijoki definitely to his father, Axel Johansson, Lord of Göksholm. That Johansson name has to be able to go a lot further.

Announcer: Yes, Greg, but don't count out the Swedish Team. They have new uniforms this year and every one of them is carry an iPad 2. That could give them the edge in this tight competition. They have a lead on the descendants of Margaretha Axelsdotter Natt Och Dag and that could tip the Judges in their favor. By the way, this year's Grand Prix is sponsored by the Dolan Springs Genealogy Club. They were able to move the shuffleboard tournament just in time to schedule this year's Grand Prix.

Commentator: Don't sell short the home court advantage. Last year, when the Grand Prix was held in Whangarei, the New Zealand team pulled off an upset by extending their line back to Aitu-whakatika in the Second Century.

Announcer: How could I ever forget that impressive win. We would also like to thank Ralph's Auto Service for sponsoring this year's Porta Johns. Well, Bob, it looks like the contestants are starting to arrive. We also need to thank this year's team from Provo, Utah. They were able to round up enough AT&T iPhones to give us WiFi connections for the competition and thanks to Harvey's Pretty Good Pizza, we will actually have some food at this year's event.

Commentator: Back to the Chinese Team. I was just handed a Press Release, looks like this one is dated August 8, 2000 announcing the English version of their website. Wait, before you start to count the Chinese advantage, it looks like that site went off the Web, but they still have the Chinese Surnames site on RootsWeb.

Announcer: And don't forget the Chinese Roots Wiki, that could always tip the scale. Let's get back to that impressive Swedish Team. Do you think those iPad 2s will make the difference Bob? Unless there is a loss of power in the closest Cell Phone tower, they will certainly have a distinct advantage. But don't rule out an upset. The Luxembourg team may take the lead since they finally have records on

Commentator: That's true Greg. But remember that last year their star competitor was disqualified for using an Android phone. That was deemed an unfair advantage. Right now, we need to announce that the competition will be suspended for an hour this evening to allow all our visitors and contestants to watch the latest episode of Who Do You Think You Are.

Announcer: Well, we hate to disappoint all those who have traveled here from Las Vegas to see this event, but it looks like our satellite reception went south and we will miss that show.

BZZZ -- CClick  [Sorry for the interruption, but it looks like I have lost contact with the Grand Prix. I'll let you know if I can get my system to come up again meanwhile you can always to to NBC and watch re-runs of Who Do You Think You Are].

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