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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New RootsTech 2012 Website Up and Running

Thanks to a heads up from DearMYRTLE, I got onto the new RootsTech 2012 website. What is confusing is that the link to the old site is still online also. But, check out the new site for an update of the events planned for next year's Conference. After last year's experience, I have revamped my strategy for attending RootsTech. I think I tried to cram too much into the days of the Conference and did not spend as much time as I think was necessary to get to know more people.

One good idea for this next conference is asking my blog readers to vote on the classes they would like me to attend and report on. I have no idea how that would work, but I will think about some way to get input as to which of the events/classes you would most like to hear about. I am certain that there are a few things I will do a lot differently.

This year, in addition to blogging, I will be presenting one class. I am sure that the scheduled time for that class will be another factor in what I plan to do at the conference. Stay tuned for updates on the Conference.

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