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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Update on Google+

I am finding Google+ to be much more useful and interesting than Facebook especially for genealogists. I am still somewhat amazed at the extensive participation of the genealogical community in this relatively new site. It seems to have the potential of unifying the genealogical community in a way that has not happened before. I am also finding that my general (outside of genealogy) friends and associates have not jumped into Google+ nearly as fast.

For example, as of the date of this post, I have added 370 people to my circles. Only 26 of those are in my category of friends and only paltry 14 are in my family circle, although I have sent out blanket invitations. All of the rest are in my Genealogy circle, 338 at last count. Of those 338, 263 have added me to their circles.

How does this compare to Facebook? Well, I can't do a direct comparison because I didn't ever have a "genealogy" only Facebook group, but after years on Facebook, I have a total of 252 "friends." Only a very few of those would be the same as those in my Google+ Genealogy Circle.

I must say about the so-called Facebook "Friends" that most of the people really are friends and family members (except those who have de-friended me, of course). As I scan down through the posts on Facebook, I really can't see anything of genealogical interest. I must admit that most of the posts on Facebook drive me crazy. They are so petty and self-indulgent.

Contrast. Google+. Nearly every single post on my Google+ stream is relevant to genealogy and if I click on the Genealogy Circle, they all are. I love it. Keep it up. Just think if most (a large number whatever) of the genealogists were actually connected? What an interesting phenomena.


  1. James,
    The composition of my circles is similar to yours - dominated by genealogists. I much prefer this platform to Facebook. The ability to target posts to particular groups so easily is a winner.

    My challenge is circle management - I need to put more thought into the way I classify people.

    I think that we should encourage those genealogists who are not yet using social media to steer clear of Facebook and use Google+

  2. I've also found the same thing. I've got very few friends or family in Google+. There seems to be a lot of people in the genealogy community looking try new technology (especially social media) and adopt what is useful. I'm waiting to see my Google+ explode during RootTech.