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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Unnecessary hand wringing -- Snow Leopard to Lion

Sometime reading the reviews for different products is helpful, sometimes not. I read a whole bunch of bad reviews about Apple's OS X 10.7.1 upgrade called Lion and got some really bad information. Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on your perspective) I have family members who spend more time on the computer than I do, if that is possible. After a bit more research, I decided to download the program to my laptop and see what happened. Guess what? After a rather lengthy download, the upgrade went in without a hitch and works well. One of my concerns was the compatibility of Adobe Photoshop which seemed to have problems. But a simple downloaded upgrade from Adobe fixed that immediately.

So, then I took the plunge and downloaded the program on my main iMac computer. There were a few little cranky problems getting it to run, but in a relatively short time I had it up and running. The first thing I noticed was that Firefox did not work properly. So I switched over to Chrome until Mozilla gets Firefox fixed. So far, everything works OK. I don't notice much difference. There are, of course, all the new features that I have to explore and see if I want to use. I am also deciding whether to add in some more memory. The quote I got for the memory from the Apple dealer was exorbitant. I can get the memory from for a reasonable price as pointed out by my son.

The Firefox issue seems to be a problem with Flash pictures. I am running the latest version of Firefox and I even reloaded the program. But it looks like it might be a while before the problem is fixed.

If you are wondering if this changes my viewpoint on upgrades, it doesn't. Most upgrades, including this one, will start a domino effect of other program upgrades, some of which will now cost me money and thereby increase the out-of-pocket cost of the initial upgrade.

If I run into any other problems or concerns I will let the world know, as usual.

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