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Thursday, September 29, 2011

What did I say? Is this genealogy?

In response to my recent articles about who owns the genealogy companies, I got the following comment:
That sounds like a yes. Sheesh is right! So, people think they're getting service from, but they're actually volunteering a personal family information to a Mormon organization that will in turn force their beliefs on them, like a used car salesman. Mormons motivation to sell others is because they think they will earn themselves a greater reward in the afterlife, which pretty much means becoming their own god of a planet. This is highly reminiscent of Satan in Genesis saying you 'will be like God' if you do this. Well, history repeats itself, people continue in sin by following greed and power and trying to be like God. But they are deceived and aren't aware of it. It's false teaching and those who were born and raised in it are too blinded to see how deceived by Satan the Mormon organization is. So, no, I will not volunteer my personal information to to further a Mormon agenda, because it's false teaching and they claim to be Christians, but they aren't. Most people I've met are good people who mean well and are dedicated to their families, but they are just stuck and blinded by the deception around them. Seek God and he will show you the way.
I was particularly struck by the comment about "volunteering personal information to to further a Mormon agenda." I thought I was showing that was owned by a large Investment Group called Spectrum Equity Investors, there is no hint of an affiliation with FamilySearch or any "Mormon" organization. Spectrum is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, not a particularly Mormon town. I am further not sure what Mormon agenda is being furthered by I don't suppose this person is a genealogist because he or she would have a hard time finding sources if one of the criteria for considering a source was the religious beliefs of the repository. I suppose he might also have difficulty doing research in Catholic parish registers and maybe he has problems with the Church of England also. I'm not sure exactly where he might be doing research that wouldn't encounter those who disagree with his or her world view. I am also speculating about what greed and power is obtained by FamilySearch giving free records to the world?

Actually, I now have a better understanding of why some of the pedigrees I look at make no sense.


  1. Ah yes, as a Catholic I remember when JFK ran for president and there were people warning about the Vatican agenda to force everyone in America to convert to Catholicism.

    There are some people, James, to whom the illogical is logical and vice versa.

  2. That's the thing about bigots; you can show them facts, but they aren't interested.

    I feel sorry for Ancestry. On the one hand, they have crazy people who demonize them every time they try to (gasp!) make money (which is the whole purpose of a for-profit company). On the other hand, they have crazy people who demonize them as a pretend secret front for a religion they don't like. They can't win.

  3. James, your last line made me laugh. It's like Alice in Through The Looking Glass, up is down, down is up, etc...