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Tuesday, July 2, 2013 partners with GenealogyBank

It seems inevitable that a cemetery recording site would partner with one of the largest newspaper archives to give access to obituaries. It has now happened with a partnership between the fast growing gravemarker site,, and the newspaper archives site, Of course, searching in the newspaper collection can discover a lot more than just obituaries. Here is a quote from the blog:
GenealogyBank and BillionGraves stand side by side to provide you the records you need to fill in those gaps, verify your family tree, and perpetuate the stories of your ancestors through:
  • Birth and Marriage records
  • Obituaries
  • Photographs
  • Various news articles from historical newspapers
  • Passenger lists
  • Military and government records found in historical books and documents
  • And more!
Because of this partnership, you are now able to access that information as easily as usingour search page.
In addition, the entries for each of the individuals located in now have expanded information screens to add information about relationships, links to FamilySearch and personal history.

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