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Monday, July 1, 2013

Who Will Sing For Me?

Quoting from Ralph and Carter Stanley with the Clinch Mountain Boys from their 1963 album, "Good Old Camp Meeting Songs,"Who will sing for me?" The whole stanza goes like this:
Oft I sing for my friends
When death's cold hand I see
When I reach my journey's end
Who will sing one song for me 
I wonder (I wonder) who
Will sing (will sing) for me
When I'm called to cross that silent sea
Who will sing for me
This is likely a common concern of all of us mortals. Part of the answer lies in the work we are doing as genealogists. We not only sing, we write the songs. Its time we realize and help others realize where the songs come from, and the stories and the pictures. They come from us; the ultimate collectors; the genealogists. Let's get some genealogy pride going here.

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