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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Who will be my millionth page view?

Sort-of like watching the odometer on your car go over 100,000 miles, meaningless, but interesting; Genealogy's Star will go over 1 million page views within the next month. It would be interesting to see who puts the site over the top, but there is no practical way to determine which viewer is actually the one to make the millionth view.

It has been very interesting to participate in all the changes to my life and lifestyle that writing a blog almost every day (sometimes several times a day) has engendered. One of the best experiences has been meeting so many of my long suffering and faithful readers. I guess as we go on to the second million and more, I will just keep typing away as long as there is something in genealogy to write about and if you all keep reading, we can look forward to many more millions before I retire to the care center in the sky (or the real one down the street).

If you would like to know, I have written, for this blog alone, 2453 blog posts, counting this one. I would guess that the number will be close to or just over 2500 by the time the blog passes a million views. Of course, I have written many, many more for Walking Arizona and all the other blogs I write for from time to time. I would guess that I still have quite a bit to say left in me.


  1. I wouldn't exactly call it meaningless. In fact, we actually celebrated, the first time my husband and I owned a car long enough to hit the 100,000 mark! And we're looking forward to hitting the 200,000 mark on another vehicle within the next few months. Thinking of all the costs involved in driving a new vehicle off the dealership lot, I'd say that 200,000 mile marker does count for something.

    Of course, that's a far cry from one million! And for bloggers, that number counts for something, too.

    You may be someone with "quite a bit to say" left in you--and evidently, there are quite a few people willing to keep coming back to check out all that stuff you keep saying.

    Congratulations, in advance, on your million page view mark, whenever it gets here!

  2. One million page views on the horizon! Wow! Congratulations and a big thanks for all the wonderful posts you have shared with all of us!