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Sunday, August 24, 2014 finds new home for MyCanvas

After announcing its intention to discontinue the program, MyCanvas, has come to an agreement with Alexander's, an Orem, Utah based printing company to host the MyCanvas program. The Blog post announcement stated:
We’ve heard from many people who love MyCanvas and hate the idea of it going away. Well, we have some good news for you: It’s not going away after all! We were successful in finding a new home for the service at Alexander’s.

Founded 35 years ago, Alexander’s is a Utah-based printing production company that has been the long-term printer of MyCanvas products including its genealogy books, calendars, and other printed products. This makes the transition of MyCanvas to Alexander’s a natural fit. 
It’s our hope that this agreement will not change the experience for MyCanvas customers. In fact, Alexander’s plans to make some exciting improvements we think you’ll love. Additionally, MyCanvas will continue to be available from the website as we believe in the importance of sharing family history discoveries and see MyCanvas as a way to deliver this ability to our customers. 
The transition of MyCanvas will take about six months. But in the meantime, all MyCanvas projects will remain accessible on until it moves over to Alexander’s next year. We will continue to communicate details as the transition moves forward. 
We want to thank our loyal MyCanvas customers for all the projects you have built and printed with us over the years. We’re excited about this new owner of MyCanvas—and we think you will be too.
From the number of comments, it appears that this announcement is driven by user demand. I would suggest that all of us online can and do exert an influence over what the larger genealogy companies do. The market does speak.

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