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Sunday, August 3, 2014

On my way to RootsTech again in 2015

Talk about rushing the seasons. I got notice from RootsTech 2015 that I will be presenting again. I understand that they were swamped with proposals so I a glad that at least one of my topics was selected. The title of my presentation will be, "Do I Own My Ancestors?: Copyright, Attribution, Plagiarism, Sharing and Claims to Research Ownership." This is a rather controversial topic as demonstrated by the short presentation I did at the International Association of Jewish Genealogies Conference in a presentation conducted by Anne Lee entitled, "Ethical Dilemmas in Genealogy."

I had a good introduction of traveling to Salt Lake City, Utah for a conference this past week from my new home in Provo. Depending on connections, it took about an hour and half, including the time to drive to the train station, to travel by FrontRunner train and TRAX to the Hilton Hotel where the conference was being held. That is about the time it takes to drive and park, assuming there is not some huge pile up on the freeway. I have spent well over an hour and half just sitting in a car on the freeway. The added bonus is being able to work on the train as I travel back and forth. Thats two hours of almost uninterrupted writing.

I will be off again for another smaller conference in Salt Lake on August 11the and 12th for The Foundation for East European Family History Studies Conference. I will be helping conference attendees with a pre-conference workshop in the Family History Library. I guess I will get the train transportation down fairly well by RootsTech 2015 time.

RootsTech is being held in conjunction with The Federation of Genealogical Societies Conference. I understand from talking around, that there will be an extra charge for attending both conferences. The Federation of Genealogical Societies website states:
Registration opens in late August. Attend only FGS or upgrade your FGS registration to include all RootsTech sessions for a small additional fee (see pricing below).
Both Conferences are scheduled for the same time frame, so it will be interesting to see how that works out. One thing I can say for sure, it forebodes a whole lot of walking in the Salt Palace. Although my presentation at last year's Conference was videoed, the presentation seems to have disappeared. I do not find it online or included in the lineup for the local sponsored genealogy fairs. Oh well, I suppose blogging isn't that interesting to genealogists.

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  1. I loved your 2014 blogging presentation.

    It is still listed online - it is listed here:

    For those hosting Family History Fairs, they can access your recorded presentation via a log in Administrator Tool.

    I too have been selected to present one session at RootsTech 2015. My session is called: Finding the Living Among the Dead: Using the internet to find our living cousins.