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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

New Interface -- First Look

The new Beta was just sent to me. Here is a screenshot of the Family Tree page:

There is a lot more color and a little bit of redesign of the entries on the tree. The green leaf icons are quite a bit larger. Most of the other menu options in the Beta version don't seem operational as yet. So there is not a lot to say.

Here is a screenshot of the Portrait or Family View:

More color and larger icons. There is a reduced size navigation field down in the left-hand corner of the screen that looks like this:

As I get a more detailed look, I will report back on my impressions.


  1. I like the portrait view in the Beta version compared to what it is now. The way they have it now is like a picture box with a border around it, like when you use Visual Basic for a picture holder. I wish there was more for you to test. Thank you for sharing the new proposed look.

  2. I don't like it. I like the FS Family Tree new interface better with portraits, hints, data issues, research indicators, and temple icons. Pretty cool that they can get that all into one couple box.

  3. Thanks for sharing these first insights.