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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Direct Messaging shows up on Beta Site

One of the major issues with the Family Tree has been and continues to be users of the Family Tree that make changes that are unneeded or inaccurate and have no contact information in the program. That situation is about to end. The Beta version of Family Tree now has a Messaging Feature. Here is a screenshot of the location of the notices from the direct messaging:

The link takes you to a list of your unread messages or also a page to view all the messages called the FamilySearch Mailbox.

This is a long anticipated and awaited development. Of course, it will not solve the problem of user who refuse either read or answer their mail, but it will provide a venue where communication can take place for those users who either do not have or refuse to disclose their email address.

If you find a change or addition and need to contact the user, there will be a link to send a message on the info pop-up that will also have their name, email if disclosed and other contact information. Here is a example with the pertinent information fuzzed out.

I will be watching for the change to to be added to the website.


  1. I will watching for this change ! It's about time. Thanks.

  2. I'm excited for this change as well. However, will Family Search be able to say when the person last logged in? I know of one family researcher who hasn't logged in because she's now incapacitated. Another family researcher has passed away. Yet both are listed as submitting information. I'm certain this was part of the migration process from previous databases. That's not my worry. I'd like to know when was the last time they logged in, like ancestry offers. Then if we see a 2012 date it's likely a 'bad' contact