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Monday, October 19, 2015

More insight into the Scottish contract with CACI

In a very recent blog post I wrote about the fact that the new contract for 2016 for the website from the Government of Scotland had been awarded to an international technology company called CACI. The present contract is with  I surprised to run across another article mentioning CACI. But for the previous mention, I would not have noticed the name of this company.

The newer article has been reported hundreds of times in the online press and is various titled. One Associated Press article is entitled, "Close calls with drones spur federal registration of owners." The last three paragraphs of the article are interesting given the future relationship of a major online genealogical database company. Here is the quote which is essentially the same in hundreds of other articles.
Said Sen. Edward Markey of Massachusetts: “We have rules of the road, but in this brave new world, now we need rules of the sky.” 
There is virtually no difference between model aircraft and the drones used by many commercial operators. Model aircraft also vary widely in size, weight and capability. Some are larger than the 55 pounds that the FAA uses to define small drones, and can fly thousands of feet high. 
The FAA signed an agreement last month with CACI International Inc., an information technology company in Arlington, Virginia, to test technology that could locate the operators of small drones that are flying illegally near airports. The technology would let the government track radio signals used to operate drones within a 5-mile radius and identify the operator’s location.
Do you see anything that might have caught my interest between the two articles?

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