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Friday, March 2, 2018

Major Upgrade to the Chromosome Browser on MyHeritage has today announced a major upgrade to the Chromosome Browser. Here is the announcement:
We are excited to announce a major upgrade to the Chromosome Browser on MyHeritage. With this upgrade, we’ve upped our genetic genealogy game considerably to help people better understand how they are related to their DNA Matches. Together with family tree details like shared ancestral surnames and shared Smart Matches, users may be able to trace back the common ancestors who passed down shared DNA segments to them and their DNA Matches, and reconstruct the exact relationship path between themselves and DNA Matches that they find intriguing. 
The initial version of the MyHeritage Chromosome Browser, released in January 2018, was a one-to-one chromosome browser. It displays DNA segments shared by you with one DNA Match. 
The new One-to-Many Chromosome Browser, with its support for indicating triangulated segments, is an exciting addition to MyHeritage’s growing arsenal of useful tools for genetic genealogy. The tool is completely free. 
Also new is the ability to export the list of DNA Matches, along with several other export capabilities.
The Chromosome Browser is part of the website and available to all who have a DNA test on the website. Since there is a Conference discount on the DNA kits, if you have not taken a DNA test, I suggest going to the MyHeritage booth and seeing if there are any left. 

There are so many new announcements from that I have not yet had time to write about all of them in depth. You can expect a lot more posts about all the new developments. I guess is the only company that has announcements to make at #RootsTech 2018, because I have yet to get even one notice from any other company at the Conference. Hmm. Or maybe because I am not physically present, I am being ignored? I did find two different press releases from other companies posted on another website. 

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