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Friday, March 30, 2018

The Curse of Spam Comments

I am amazed that anyone would think that an active blogger would be so stupid as to post spam comments. They are easily detected especially when they always refer to some business in a part of the world that would not dream of reading the target blog. I got this spam comment and had already deleted about ten copies of the comment when I did the screenshot of the list. This type of online activity is at the core of the problem many people have with posting online.

Interestingly, one of the main problems we have had in moving from Provo, Utah to Annapolis, Maryland has been in getting the U.S. Post Office to accurately forward our mail and packages. We have easily spent more time on that one problem than any other that might have been incident to moving. But, guess what? We still get a pile of junk mail every day, some of which has followed us from Utah. In addition, I get about 30 or so "junk" emails every day. Some of them are so regular that I can delete them without opening them at all. Some of them fall into the category of background ads for stores and businesses that I might use, but others are just plain junk and unrequested.

If you do write a blog, make sure that you do not automatically post any comments. There is always an option to review anything before you post it and you should do that automatically. I would also suggest liberal use of the spam marker in any online programs you use such as Facebook etc. Remember the "Delete" button.


  1. We have anti-virus s/w. Wouldn't it be great if someone could create anti-spam and anti-troll s/w. I'm amazed at how many emails get filtered out and sent to my spam folder.

  2. Interestingly, the spam comments that I receive (and naturally don't post) are almost always from someone with the original name of "Anonymous." At least your spammer took the time to choose a name.

    1. Well, I spoke too soon, because your friendly spammer Helen just tried to spam me. She is obviously keeping an eye on your blog and spamming those of us who comment here. Too bad, Helen, your spam won't show up on my blog. Ever.

    2. "She" is a business in India and they broadcast worldwide. If someone allows their link to be put online, that raises their visibility online. However, it is also possible that the link is malware and a trap. I delete all of these spam comments before they can get published.

  3. I thought I was reading my own replies... i often just have time to thank you and say how fantastic your work is. Grin. I’ll try and be more creative. Keep up the good work