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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Two Important Announcements from MyHeritage

The first announcement is as follows:
At we take customer support very seriously, and are happy to announce that we are now offering customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! We are probably the first and only family history and DNA company to provide round-the-clock support. 
Our support team now includes 138 full-time employees, taking phone calls and handling support questions via email. We’ve spared no expense and doubled the size of the team in the past 6 months in order to scale up and provide shorter wait times for calls and tickets, as well as keep up with the huge growth of our business. We’re also experimenting with an online chat service and are testing other platforms to provide you with more ways to contact us and allow us to respond faster to your questions. Our support team members speak 18 languages fluently, to ensure that most of our global members could receive assistance in their native language.
To call support, use's toll-free numbers (1-800-MyHeritage in the U.S.), and keep your account ID handy in case you are asked for it. You can find your account ID by clicking on the drop-down menu by your name on the top of the screen when you’re logged into MyHeritage. To read more about the new customer support, see: "MyHeritage Customer Support is Now Available 24/7

You can find MyHeritage's Contact Us in a drop-down menu link in the top menu bar by clicking on "Help"

The second announcement is a little more complicated.
Quoting from the announcement: has released two new features that were requested by our users at the RootsTech conference in Utah in February, to make navigating in the list of DNA Matches easier. Following major updates and improvements to our DNA Matching in January 2018, MyHeritage DNA users are receiving 10 times as many matches as before. It’s therefore only natural that there is now demand for easier ways to work with this information and make the most of it.Users can now jump to a specific page of matches, or increase how many matches are displayed on each page. We're pleased to have been able to implement this so quickly.  
We also fixed the distant relationship estimates for DNA Matches with relatively little shared DNA which used to be displayed as “3rd cousin – 5th cousin”. Now, the more distant matches are listed as “3rd cousin – distant cousin”, which is more correct because in reality they might even be your 6th or 7th cousins.
 You can read more about these new features in a blog post entitled, "New: Easier navigation in your DNA Match list."

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