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Saturday, March 3, 2018

MyHeritage adds 325 Million New Records to SuperSearch

If you are getting the idea that dominates the genealogical community for innovation and adding new records, you are correct. As I have mentioned, I have been searching for other announcements of new products and improvements coming from any of the companies at #RootsTech 2018 and have found the offerings to be paltry with the exception of MyHeritage. Current statistics from show that they have the following:

Of course, with today's announcement, the number of Historical Records just jumped to 8.8 Billion. Here is the announcement:
We’re delighted to announce the addition of 325 million important historical records to SuperSearch™, bringing the total number of global records available to 8.8 billion. 
The collections added today include the 1939 Register of England & Wales, an innovative name index for the US yearbooks collection published in December 2017 and Canadian obituaries.
Please read their blog post entitled, "MyHeritage releases new collections with 325 million historical records" for a detailed explanation of the new records. The new record sets include the following:

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