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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Using the Internet Like a Pro: Genealogists Have No Idea What’s Out There


Using the Internet Like a Pro: Genealogists Have No Idea What’s Out There

One of my most recent videos raised a question. The video reviews a number of hugely valuable websites for genealogists that do not all fall into the category of genealogy websites. The question involved obtaining a list of the websites on the video that did not involve stopping the video every few minutes to write down a URL or name. Because I was asked the question, I decided to make a list of the websites mentioned in the video and add a few more for good measure. Here is the list. You may still want to view the website so you can see why I use all these additional resources. 



• Reclaim the Records https://www.reclaimtherecords

• Digital Public Library of America

• Hathi Trust Digital Library

• Google Books

• Trove


• Foundation for East European Family History Studies

• The USGenWeb Project

• GenWiki (German Genealogy)

• Cyndi’s List

• RootsWeb

• Library of Congress, Chronicling America

• New York Public Library Online Collections

• Smithsonian Libraries Digital Library

• Open Education Database, 250+ Killer Digital Libraries and Archives

• The Family History Guide


• Billion Graves


• Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island

• Digital Library on American Slavery

• Old Maps Online

• Board on Geographic Names

• The Freedmen’s Bureau Records

• FreeBMD

• Castle Garden

• Open Library


  1. there should be many more ... see my links list at for some of my faves

    1. You are right, thanks for the link. The objective was to give a list of the websites in the video but I decided to add a few more. Nice to hear from you as always.