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Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Introducing Photo Repair on MyHeritage: Fix your scratched or damaged photos


Please see Introducing Photo Repair: New Feature to Automagically Fix Scratched and Damaged Photos

On top of being able to Colorize, Enhance, and Animate photos, now MyHeritage has added the ability to repair some types of damaged photos. Here is an example from one of my damaged photos. 

You can see the large scratch across the photo. Here is a comparison showing the repair on the right. 

Only photos that are detected to need repairs will show up in the menu as needing repairs. Some of the defects of the original can not be repaired but here is an example of a photo that has gone through the extensive repair option including enhancement and colorization. Here is the original and the final version.

Just to get this far would take me hours in Adobe Photoshop without the colorization. I could probably still use Photoshop to remove the artifact on her face but it would take a lot of work. 

Here is some important information from the blog post linked above.

Photo Repair is extremely easy to use. Simply upload a scratched or damaged photo to MyHeritage, and if we detect damage, we will suggest that you apply Photo Repair by displaying a Repair button. If you choose to use it, with a single click, the scratches and damage in the photo will disappear like magic!

The technology for Photo Repair was licensed exclusively by MyHeritage from DeOldify, created by deep learning experts Jason Antic and Dana Kelley. Photo Repair is one of several technologies that have been licensed from DeOldify and integrated into MyHeritage’s photo tools.

All MyHeritage users can use Photo Repair for free with several photos. Repairing additional photos requires a Complete subscription. Learn more about our various subscription plans here.

I will be writing more about this feature and how it works in the near future. I just got the notice and this is my first view of the feature. 

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