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Monday, March 2, 2009

BYU Family History Library

Overshadowed by its neighbor to the north, the main Family History Library, BYU's Family History Library still offers a huge number of resources. Located in the Harold B. Lee Library on the campus of beautiful Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, if it weren't so close to Salt Lake, the BYU Library would probably be a destination in itself. Although the collection of available microfilms is not nearly so large as in Salt Lake, there are still enough films available to do a lot of research. Parking is more convenient that in Salt Lake and the campus offers a lot of places to eat and rest and relax.

Like many of larger western U.S. Family History Centers, there is free computer access to many on-line subscription programs like, HeritageQuest Online,, and a variety of other programs. The Library also has a full schedule of classes and other resources. If you have time to spend in Provo, you may wish to visit the Library.

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  1. The BYU library has a lot of materials available that are not held by the FHL. So look beyond the BYU's FHC holdings. Materials acquired for academic reasons often also are genealogically useful. The rare books and manuscript holdings are outstanding.