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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Family Tree supports the full temple process

In a post on the FamilySearch Labs blog, 17 March 2009, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, (LDS) announced that the developmental version of Family Tree now supports all of the ordinance submission process. This is important only to members of the Church, but it is a giant step in the direction of making all of the records now on New FamilySearch available to all of the members of the Church as well as those who are not members.

The description of the additions to the program include:

In Folders, from the Summary tab, in the Temple Ordinances section, we can:

  • Check for and resolve duplicates with ordinances. Always check this before clicking SUBMIT.
  • Enter Ordinances Manually. If duplicates aren’t showing up and you know the work has been performed, click this link to report the ordinances.
  • Submit the ordinances to your Temple Tracking Page. Note, this simply reserves the name and ordinances on the Temple tab. Click on the Temple tab at the top of the page to continue the temple process — print FOR, etc.

In the Temple tab we can:

  • Print temple cards (Family Ordinance Request - FOR) if you want to perform the ordinances yourself.
  • Assign names to the temple if you want the temple to allow someone else to perform the ordinances.
Family Tree is the developmental version of New FamilySearch, The LDS Church's program for submitting individuals for temple ordinance. Family Tree is a much easier to use interface for this huge database of information which contains all of the records from the Ancestral File, the Pedigree Resource File, The International Genealogical Index (IGI) and the Church records.

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