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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

DoroTree 2.1 for Jewish Genealogy

A Website in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Hebrew greets anyone interested in Jewish Genealogy Software. The program, DoroTree 2.1, has a multitude of unique features:

  • Easy to use entry screens.
  • Complete bi-lingual capability.
  • Optional Hebrew data entry
  • Yahrzeit Reports.
  • Customisable graphic reports with pictures.
  • Hebrew-Gregorian date conversion.
  • Special Holocaust commemoration features.
  • Direct Internet access to Jewish genealogy sites.
  • Family web page creation.
  • Unlimited multimedia storage.
  • Compatible with Windows '98, ME, NT4, 2000 and XP

To quote their Website, DoroTree performs simultaneously in two character sets: Latin characters (English, French, German, Spanish or Portuguese) on the left and Hebrew on the right. (You can type in and display Hebrew characters without a Hebrew operating system. A virtual Hebrew keyboard is supplied with the program.)

Having studied Hebrew, I very much appreciate the utility of a bilingual program.

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  1. Dear James,

    I agree with you that bilingual data input is a nice feature along with the other ones you mentioned; but why limit it.
    MyHeritage has developed "Family Tree Builder" with interface and bilingual data entry in 34 languages and virtual keyboard for all of them, including Hebrew, Yiddish, Arabic and many others.
    This FREE software treats photos with face recognition technology, gives you the opportunity to publish the tree in your own site for FREE, and add very nice research capabilities that allow you to expand your family tree in no time.
    You should give it a try, and if you want more info do not hesitate to contact me to

    Best regards
    Daniel Horowitz