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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Always new records on Record Search Pilot

Dated 17 July 2009, but not on the Website last night on the 17th when I looked, FamilySearch's Record Search Pilot announced two new collections; the 1905 New York State Census complete with images only and the England Cheshire Non-conformist records from 1671 to 1900 indexed but with no images. Delaware State Birth Records from 1861 to 1908 are now 49% complete. Massachusetts Death Records from 1841 to 1915 are 58% complete.

These images and indexes are free and of high quality. Some of the information has either not been previously available or was only available through subscription sites. The New York State Census for 1905 contains the following information:
  • 1a. Street.
  • 1b. House number.
  • 2. Name of each person whose usual place of abode on June 1, 1905, was in this family.
    Enter surname first, then the given name and middle initial, if any.
    Include every person living on June 1, 1905.
    Omit children born since June 1, 1905.
  • 3. Relationship of each person to the head of the family.
  • 4. Color or race.
  • 5. Sex.
  • 6. Age at last birthday.
  • 7. Nativity - If born in this country write United States: if of foreign birth, write the name of the country.
  • 8. Citizenship- Number of years in the United States.
  • 9. Citizenship- Citizen or alien.
  • 10. Occupation, trade or profession of each person enumerated.
  • 11. (Occupation) Class.
  • 12. For inmates of Institutions only.
    If an inmate an institution, enter the residence (borough, city or town, and county) given when admitted.

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