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Saturday, July 11, 2009

RootsMagic 4 Updated version

RootsMagic 4 has been updated to version from the previous version. Quoting from their Website concerning the new and improved features:


- Added a feature to fix broken media / image links (in the media gallery/album do Tools > Fix broken media links)
- Added the ability to enter Helper mode for another person when using the NFS features
- Added life span (birthyear-deathyear) to parents and children’s spouses in group sheets


- Deleting a fact will now remove the shared copies of that fact instead of leaving phantom witness records (Note: we are still working on a way to delete any pre-existing phantom witness records)
- Edit source screen displays Call# in right panel if one exists
- Shouldn’t sometimes change family in family and descendant view when adding a child
- Double clicking a citation when the citation manager is opened from Explorer now opens Edit Source screen
- Box charts now include prefix and suffix on names
- FTM import now preserves nicknames entered with quotes like William “Bill” Jones

I had noticed some of these "bugs" like the difficulty with nicknames, but I can't recall running into the others. I will have to try out some of the new changes such as fixing media links and see how they work. I have been teaching a couple of regular RootsMagic 4 classes and virtually all of the feedback has been positive, except for those people who can't figure out how to use their computer at all.

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