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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Even more records on Record Search Pilot

In the recent past, FamilySearch's Record Search Pilot has been off-line at various times. It looks like they are making up for lost time by adding eight new collections:

The Rhode Island State Census for 1915 index only, no images
New Mexico Death Records for 1889 through 1945 has the index only, no images
Massachusetts Death Records from 1841 to 1915 is 58% complete and includes images
Mexico, Campeche, Catholic Church Records from 1638 to 1944 images only
Mexico, Coahuila, Catholic Church Records from 1627 to 1978 images only
Mexico, Colima Catholic Church Record from 1707 to 1969 images only
Spain, Gerona Diocese, Catholic Parish Records from 1339 to 1930 browse images only
Delaware State Birth Records from 1861 to 1908 is 49% complete and includes images

FamilySearch indicates that more records are on the way. Another Record not mentioned in the Announcement is Veterans with Federal Service Burial in Utah, Territorial to 1966 with images.

The Mexican records are particularly valuable because we have never had convenient online access to Mexican records previously.

For those of you who are not that familiar with Mexico, Campeche, Coahuila and Colima are Mexican states. Also, the Gerona Diocese is located in the northeast of Catalonia, Spain. There is both a province and a city of the same name.

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