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Thursday, October 21, 2010

FamilySearch Bloggers Day in Salt Lake continued -- Part Four

More observations and notes directly from the Bloggers Day at FamilySearch sitting in the briefing room.  (The views and observations in this post and others are my own, they are not necessarily those of the presenters or FamilySearch).

Some of these notes may be rather obscure, I would suggest that you send me a comment with any questions. I will also try to clarify issues in future posts, if there is interest.

FamilySearch Wiki: Community knowledge for and about the community. The Wiki gives access to help that is essential to genealogical success. It magnifies the impact of research experts and preserves and shares the genealogical community's knowledge. The Wiki is now part of the  The Wiki is now available in Spanish and Swedish (interesting). The site gets millions of page views a year so far and there are about 500 new articles a week. There are about 456,000 edits to the present time. The Wiki can be used by researchers to enter their research notes to enable them to remember their experience and also to share the experience with others. So, keep your research note information on the Wiki? Sounds like a good idea. Relevant to family history societies to put online the information about their society. They have special society pages. Pages can also be adopted by an organization. The Wiki should also be used to preserve the information that is held in the heads of the genealogical experts. The Wiki already contains unique information that cannot be found anywhere else on the Web. Coming soon, a simplified page creation process, upcoming content projects, need to get excited about putting on local lore and knowledge.

FamilySearch Forums: We all know something that can help someone else. Forums gives access to those across the world who can help you anytime. Imagine sitting in a room of experts and being ask your questions. You do not need to be registered to ask and answer questions.  There was a lot of technical discussion on this topic.

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