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Friday, October 15, 2010

The FamilySearch Help Center

One of the overlooked benefits of the website, is the very small print link to the FamilySearch Help Center. Here is a screen shot showing where to click:

 Opening the Help Center brings up a fairly simple screen:

Just type in your question using normal language usage. The other options include a more advanced search, which lets you filter your answer by topic, document type, publishing date and language. Be sure and note that the filter by topic option lets you ask questions about 24 different FamilySearch areas.

There is also a Personal Assistance link that offers a number of other solutions for answering questions about any of the FamilySearch programs. In addition, there is a link (not yet active) to Training and Resources:

 and finally a way to contact FamilySearch directly.

I have mentioned the Help Center before, but repetition is always good when it comes to learning where to go to answer questions.

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  1. James, thanks for the blog. I'm the Product Manager for Help and Support at FamilySearch and would love to get any of your suggestions on how Help Center can be improved. There is a new Survey feature (as your image points out above) as well as a Feedback link. With either of those you can tell me what we can do better to make Help Center more helpful. Thanks! -Cullen Brimhall