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Thursday, October 21, 2010

FamilySearch Bloggers Day in Salt Lake continued -- Part Five

More observations and notes directly from the Bloggers Day at FamilySearch sitting in the briefing room.  (The views and observations in this post and others are my own, they are not necessarily those of the presenters or FamilySearch). This is the fifth set of observations.

Some of these notes may be rather obscure, I would suggest that you send me a comment with any questions. I will also try to clarify issues in future posts, if there is interest.  Presently 776 Members of the DevNet. Working on making connections with the software community. Check out the FamilySearch software community. New programs; Tree Seek, Mac Family Tree, Gaia Family Tree, Cemetery Maps in Names in Stone, FamilyChartist and many more I did not have time to write down or link. AncestralHunt, The Next Generation, Family Pursuit, RelatedFamilies, EasyNetSites, many more that went by really fast.

Digitally preserving personal family histories: Quote from the presentation and the available PDF document: Digital Preservation "is NOT merely backing up your data! Rather, it is a process that involves storing digital records (i) with descriptive information (ii) for a very long time (iii) in multiple locations (iv) at the highest resolution you can afford; (v) periodically migrating the records to new storage media in order to prevent data loss or the inability to read the data; also to take advantage of new storage technology; (vi) changing file formats before they become obsolete; and (vii) providing access to your digital collection now and in the future." The projections on the life of current storage media is relatively short, DVDs, CDs, hard disks all will live no more than five years on the average. Migration of documents in storage is necessary. I will write a lot more about this later. Digital preservation is not a one-generation project. Don't put off digital preservation. This is really interesting topic and deserves more attention. FamilySearch really does want to reduce duplication. Far Eastern users are now on New FamilySearch, every Temple district in the Church will be now on New FamilySearch. Everyone. Now working on No More Disputes Part Two. Adding a feature called Watch and Ancestor. A very entertaining presentation, reviewing all the problems we all know about and what they might do to change it all. The major concern is the ability to change and source all of the information presently on the database. There are 1.4 billion records in New FamilySearch.

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