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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Feedback and Community Support on the Beta

As new additions are made to the ever growing Beta version of the hugely popular website one valuable resource is the Feedback and Community Support. The url for the Feedback and Community Support has the promising title of "" The site has links to the FamilySearch Support knowledge base, personal assistance and how to contact FamilySearch.

The topics covered on the Feedback and Community Support site reflect the current state of growth of the Beta website. From its inception about six months ago the Feedback and Community Support site has had a slow growth curve. Today's activity included 8 new topics including "We want the actual image of the records that were available earlier" to "Browsing records using the FHL catalog number."Although the numbers of users of this site are not large, the help provided is extensive. As the Beta site is converted into the primary site, the Feedback and Community Support site will be a welcome adjunct.

The amount of in-depth support for all of FamilySearch products is staggering. Not only is there a hugely helpful Help Center, but also Forums.FamilySearch and now, Feedback and Community Support. There is literally no excuse for not finding an answer to almost every conceivable question about the FamilySearch websites and other products.

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