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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What those with a FamilySearch account can expect from New FamilySearch

The New FamilySearch program is presently available only to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and a few others who are not members. Earlier this year, there were several references by FamilySearch representatives to the opening of New FamilySearch to those who have a "FamilySearch Account" but not an "LDS Account." An LDS Account is available only to those who have a Membership Number in the Church. Now, for some time, there has been very little information in the media and I have not become aware of any official statements projecting a time frame for opening New FamilySearch to the public.

The one category of exception to the rule is that many family history centers have community volunteers who are not members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. These volunteers have been allowed to use the New FamilySearch web site so that they can help the centers patrons. See Document ID: 100122 in the New FamilySearch Help Center. The Help Center document, which was published on 22 August 2010, also states, "The new FamilySearch Web site is now being prepared for public use. When the site becomes public, everyone will be able to use most of the features. A few features will be private (visible only to Church members)."

It is generally understood that the website will be incorporated into the site, likely in the format presently being tested in the website. I am guessing that public availability of the records in the site will begin shortly after the merger of the sites into the new, now Beta, version. See Help Center Document ID: 104908. This document from 17 September 2010 also says, "Once it [New FamilySearch] is on, it will be available to members and the general public alike. Those who are not members of the Church will have access to the pedigree tree and individual information but will not be able to see the temple ordinances." (text in [ ] added).

The New FamilySearch website, as it presently exists, is currently undergoing yet another beta test. There are still more changes that will be made to the site before it is combined with the now, into an integrated online database. Just as with the older, and still useful, Ancestral File, International Genealogical Index (IGI), and the Pedigree Resource File databases, there is gold mine of information. Despite its present limitations, the information in New FamilySearch will be a valuable addition to the genealogical community.

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  1. Ok. I can use the search site just fine. You are saying there is more to be accessed by those members than what we see. When this were to be made public, does that mean we would not have to visit the rooms monitered by volunteers.

    In addition wouldn't itbe nice if microfiche info was in paper formandcould be rented or checked out or online and one could access it from your home. sometimes the hours these places are open is not conducive to our work hours.

    So you can't blame me for being curious as to what is on that new source.

    I am so glad to read your post. It's Most helpful for us to know that at a future date it will be even better.