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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Legacy Family Tree 7.5 adds full synchronization with New FamilySearch

Thanks to DearMYRTLE for the heads-up on the announcement from Millennia Software of the update release of Version 7.5 of Legacy Family Tree. The new version will have full FamilySearch certification for New FamilySearch to sync, update, reserve ordinances and request ordinances to print Family Ordinance Request Forms (FORs). Geoff Rasmussen will be teaching two classes at the Arizona Family History Expo to be held on January 21st and 22nd in Mesa, Arizona.

From the announcement, here are a list of the new and present certifications for the program:
New FamilySearch Certifications
  • Sync - ability to keep FamilySearch family tree current with Legacy's information for selected persons and information (optional - you do not have to share anything if you do not desire)
  • Update - publish to family tree. Also includes request to combine matched individuals (also optional)
  • Ordinance Reservation (LDS-specific) - identify persons needing ordinances, prepare for Ordinance Request, and check for duplicate ordinances
  • Ordinance Request (LDS-specific) - request ordinances in order to print the ordinance cards
Previous FamilySearch Certifications
  • Access - search and read family tree
  • Print - print multiple reports and charts using online data from FamilySearch
  • Ordinance Status (LDS-specific) - read and display ordinance status information
  • PAF Import - PAF data can be imported into Legacy for use in the tree
We also expect to be certified in the "Helper" category for this update.
Quoting from the FamilySearch website, "Certified products include programs, services, and utilities that are compatible with (Family Tree) and conform to FamilySearch standards and systems. Presently, and the access of new.FamilySearch data through certified products is only available to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints."

It is interesting, I was using the Legacy program just today to update events in my own family group sheet. I must have been in the program before the announcement came out. 

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