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Sunday, May 5, 2013

BillionGraves attempts to add 1 million additional photos in May 2013

According to the last update of the connection on's Historical Record Collection, the website has nearly 3.5 million images. This is far behind the over 98 million grave records on but there is one distinct advantage to; the photos have the GPS coordinates and a map. is based on using iPhone and iPads with a connection to the Internet to upload photos of gravemarkers as they are taken in the cemetery. It has grown to the point where, if a marker is missing from, then you should certainly check for a photo on

Well, in the month of May, 2013, the website is promoting a goal to add a million more photos. Here is a explanation of their goal:
The goal is to add a million more images to BillionGraves during the month of May. If only 500 of our users upload 2,000 images this month we can easily reach this! That’s only 65 images per day (only 500 images per week)!

With only 500 of our thousands of contributors taking 1-2 trips to their local cemetery each week, we could reach this awesome goal!
From the genealogical standpoint, the more websites gathering information, the merrier. If you have a smartphone with GPS, how about a stroll through a nearby cemetery in May?

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  1. Thanks, James, for this shout-out for! I agree with you: the more the merrier!