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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mystery Photos 2013-05-12

Although it has been some time since I last put online some of my mystery photos, the digitized collection continues to grow. So far, I have digitized and developed over 5000 items. In case you haven't read some of the previous blog posts on this subject, these photos date back to the mid-1800s and are part of the photographs taken by Margaret Godfrey Jarvis Overson and her father Charles Godfrey (De Friez) Jarvis. They took most of these photos as professional photographers while living in St. Johns, Apache, Arizona. However, it also appears that many of the photos were obtained from other sources, as I find photos taken in Salt Lake City, Utah, St. George, Utah and other locations by other photographers.

Here are today's mystery photos:


  1. That last one isn't a mystery photo!! Were you trying to sneak that past me??? It's beautiful! What an amazingly clear, thoroughly beautiful picture of the family! That would have been in the beginning of 1890, before George F. was born, since Margaret is pregnant in this picture. They were not able to get a picture of him while he was alive, and that regret was the reason why Charles got into photography, followed of course by Margaret, the oldest daughter in the family, standing to the right. What a gorgeous picture! It's beautiful! Can I have that one? : )

  2. Also, the second picture is one of Ove and Mary Oveson's sons. I'm guessing Ove Ephraim Oveson because of how he holds his head, but it could be Lyman Overson.

  3. Also the fourth one looks familiar. I'll try and remember who he looks like. I wondered briefly if it could be Ebenezer Defriez, but it isn't since Eb had the oriental Defriez eyes.

  4. Wow. I have some mystery photos from the family at that same time frame. I should share them with you and see if anyone can recognize anyone!