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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Find-A-Record Research Assistant -- Worth a first and second look is involved in continued development of more useful features to an already useful program. The above video was announced in a blog post entitled, "Preview of the Find-A-Record Research Assistant." Quoting from the post:
We'll be releasing a new feature soon which we're tentatively calling the Find-A-Record Research Assistant. It combines data from your tree with Find-A-Record data to create a research hub; at least that's the vision. It will be like the Find-A-Record Chrome extension on steroids. 
At first it will only work with the FamilySearch Family Tree. We hope to expand it to other trees in the future. At first, the entry point will be via the website as shown in the video, but we will probably update the Chrome Extension to just have one link to the Research Assistant as opposed to the three BMD links. 
We would like to get your feedback on this. Would you use it? What could make it better? What do you hope it will do?
Looks extremely interesting, especially the part about giving users of Family Tree a summary of the sources attached to a block of individuals in the program. What is not mentioned is a way to attach the documents directly to the individuals in Family Tree once the potential sources are identified. Perhaps you have more suggestions for them?

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