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Thursday, April 3, 2014 adds new search features continues to add new features as well as keeping their promise to add 1000 new collections every day. The new features improve the search functionality of the program as well as helping to make it even more user-friendly. As set forth in an email message, here are the newer features:
New Search Slider: Proximity for Exact Search

Now you have the ability to filter your results by proximity of keyword. What that means is you can choose how close each of your search terms appear to each other within a record page. The default setting of this search slider is “+1”, meaning that you can search for “Thomas Smith” and receive results for “Thomas Edward Smith” since “Smith” is one word away from “Thomas”. You can also select "Exact" or "Far" to reveal an entirely different set of search results.

Tune Up Your Engine with Mocavo Search Tuners

When you run a search on Mocavo, our search engine factors in a host of variables to determine which results to place at the top. We worked tirelessly to tweak the search algorithm so that the most relevant results rise to the top, but sometimes, given your particular search terms or the nature of the document, a hidden piece of your family’s puzzle may fall to the bottom of the results.

Now you have the power to change the search engine's preferences. That's right, we're giving you not just one batch of search results, but ten! Each search tuner will serve you a different set of results that will help you make sure you don’t miss out on a hidden clue.

Take the Guesswork out of Your Research with Search Field Hints

As a Mocavo Basic, Silver, or Gold member, you can browse all of our content for free and search for your ancestors in any individual database. Previously, when searching an individual database, you filled in search fields based on your knowledge of the subject, which could be limited. If you happened to guess the wrong spelling or abbreviation for a certain search field, your results could be irrelevant or limited.\ 
We know how frustrating this experience can be, which is why we’ve developed Search Field Hints. Now you can take the guesswork out of your research by selecting search terms specific to an individual database from a dropdown or autofill menu. These menus standardize how each search parameter is written, helping you create accurate and relevant searches.

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