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Thursday, November 12, 2015

71 RootsTech 2016 Ambassadors listed on website

Yes, you read the title correctly. FamilySearch has named 71 RootsTech 2016 Ambassadors. We are all hidden safely away under the About Menu item on the startup page. The list is alphabetized by our first names or trade names where appropriate. Quite a list.  Here is the current list. Understand that it could change and that all these people may not actually show up at RootsTech 2016, some of them have asked to serve en absentia. I am looking forward to meeting and greeting as many as I can at the Conference.


Alison Kimball

Amy Archibald

Amy Coffin

Amy Johnson Crow

Ancestry Insider

Annette Belnap

Bernice Alexander Bennett

Carissa Rasmussen

Carol Rice

Chas Hathaway

Christine Woodcock

Crystal Beutler

David Dowell

David Lambert


Diane Harmon-Hoog

Eric Jelle

Ginny Ackcerson

Global Family Reunion

Guillaume Langruereau

Housewives of Riverton

James Tanner

Jan Gow

Jana Greenhalgh

Jana Last

Janet Thaeler

Jennifer Alford

Jennifer Day

Jessie McKinley

Jill Ball

Jill Swensen

Katie Clark

Kathryn Lake Hogan

Kim Patterson

Kirsty Gray

Lara Diamond

Laura Hedgecock

Laurie Conklin

LDS Daily

Linda Winegar

Lisa Jorgensen

Maurine and Scot Proctor

Melynda Valagardson

Michelle Goodrum

Myko Clelland

Nancy E. Loe

Peggy Lauritzen

Rachel LaCour Niesen

Randy Seaver

Renee Zamora

Richard Young

Risa Baker

Rorey Cathcart

Ruby Baird

Scheller Talalay Dardashti

Scott Fisher

Shannon Combs-Bennett

Sharn White

Sistas in Zion

Sonia Meza

Stacy Julian


Sunny Morton

Tami Osmer Mize

Taralyn Parker

Terri O’Connell

Thomas MacEntee

Timo Kracke

Valerie Elkins

Welsey Eames


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