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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

First Landowners Project

One of the benefits of frequenting the Brigham Young University Family History Library is the huge number of online resources available in the library. Recently the Library added access to, the originators of The First Landowners Project. This is normally a subscription website, but access is free only when you are using a BYU computer in the BYU Family History Library. Here is a description of the project from their website:
What is the First Landowners Project? 
Instead of looking at landowner maps township by township, imagine what it would be like to have a SINGLE, INTERACTIVE MAP containing over 12.3 MILLION LANDOWNERS among 30 states (all 29 of the public land states in the Continental U.S., plus Texas). Imagine constantly expanded map coverage, and having the ability to keep track of all the early homesteaders you're researching. Imagine...wait, you don't have to imagine. IT'S HERE, and AVAILABLE NOW to Our Subscribers!
A name search for your ancestor who received Bounty Land or homesteaded land will show you a map of the property outlines. Knowing the location of an ancestor's land, and names of all the adjoining original purchasers can be an invaluable tool in discovering origins and relationships.

This is just one of hundreds of resources available through the Family History Library on the Brigham Young University Campus in Provo, Utah.

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