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Monday, November 23, 2015

Two Excellent Family History Blogs

When I started blogging years ago, I chose to blog about genealogy as a topic with an emphasis on technology and websites. Meanwhile two of my relatives, a cousin and a daughter, started separate blogs using a very similar format and providing high quality and very extensive research on my own family. These two blogs are examples of everything that is good about genealogical blogging. They provide extensive, professional level documentation and address conflicting issues in a fair and very even-handed manner. The format of their blogs is simple but they provide extensive index entries to every individual featured in their investigations.

You may assume that I am biased, but I commend both of these blogs as examples of what a family history centered blog can do to advance the amount of information available about a family. These two bloggers are in frequent contact with each other and complement each other in their writing.

It is about time that I publicly thanked both of these dedicated and wonderful bloggers for their contribution to our family.

The first of these blogs is Ancestral Ties by Bessie Morgan.

The second of these outstanding blogs is TheAncestorFiles by blogger Amy Thiriot.

You might want to review their extensive indexes just see if we all have common ancestors. You might also notice that both of them feature newspaper articles found in the course of continued searching for information about family members.

As an observation, many of the family focused blogs are outstanding examples of what good research and excellent writing are all about. Most of these blogs go unnoticed, even by family members and certainly by the larger commercial genealogical community even when the exhibit high levels of professionalism. I can only dream about writing as well as these two fine journalists.


  1. Thank you, Dad! You are so kind. I wish I had more time for the blog right now, but this book won't write itself.

  2. Thank you so very much, such a generous compliment. Following yours and Amy's blogs have served me well. They are the finest of tutorials. I appreciate all of your work.

    I consider being identified as Bessie Morgan a high honor. I was named after her and I am Bessie Frazier Sanborn.

    1. Sorry, I didn't focus more while I was writing. Thanks for your work and the wonderful posts.

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    4. I deleted the duplicate. This article should start a stampede to investigating Royal lines.